3 x 60" for ITV and All3Media


Clara Salaman
Sue Tully
Emily Watson, Denise Gough,  Thalissa Teixeira

A powerful story of how two women become dangerously close when fate forces them together. Dedicated forensic psychiatrist, Dr Emma Robinson is not easily shocked.  She’s worked with her fair share of high security patients.  Then she’s sent to assess Connie for trial.   Connie has a searing insight into Emma’s deepest insecurities and starts to brutally exploit them.  Their sessions become a complex psychological game with confusing undercurrents.


Can Emma find out what happened on the night of the crime?  Or what happened to turn Connie into a monster? She tries to understand Connie, and her complicated relationship with her beautiful best friend, Ness.  But as Emma tries to uncover the truth behind the madness and learn what triggered Connie’s despicable behaviour, it seems that her attempts to see justice done may destroy her instead.


Based on the book of the same name, written by Clara Salaman under the pseudonym Natalie Daniels.